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Square Making Donation Drive for UVA Cancer Center


The Procrastiknitters was founded in 2019 and started off as a way to help students relax and take their mind off of the stresses of medical school. Throughout the years we have collaborated with multiple organizations to help translate our crafting hobby into helping the community. Since 2019, we have created projects for students to donate scarves and winter gear to the UVA Family Medicine Clinic in the Primary Care Center, twiddlemuffs to Alzheimer’s patients, snuggle blankets and cat toys to the Charlottesville SPCA, dialysis blankets to the dialysis center, and newborn blankets to the neonatal unit. We are honored and proud to now be working with the UVA Cancer Center and Magpie Knits to host knit-to-donate events for chemotherapy blankets, hats, and port pillows for the patients.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far — Magpie Knits is so excited to be a part of this cause! Knit a square for UVA Cancer Center today!